Welcome to Karen's Essentials – a haven where the art of self-care meets the power of skin loving ingredients. 

Inspired by the homemade products that had become a staple in my family's life, Karen's Essentials evolved into a shop. Here, we are not just selling soaps or body butters; we are offering an experience. Each product from Karen's Essentials is a testament to my mission: to create items with nourishing ingredients, fostering a comforting and purposeful daily self-care practice.

Our products are more than just skin-friendly; they are crafted with love, designed to cater to the senses. The thick, rich lather of our soaps, the refreshing scents, and the unique handcrafted designs – each element is a celebration of individuality and care.

Hi, I'm Karen!

the heart and behind KE, and this is my story...

My journey into the world of beauty and skincare began with a simple, yet profound passion for all things related to skincare, makeup, and hair care. Fascinated by the transformative power of certain ingredients, I delved into the world of DIY body care. From crafting my first batch of cold-processed soap to concocting homemade body butters and green cleaning supplies, I discovered not just recipes, but a new expression of self-love and care.

As I shared these creations with my family, I realized that these were more than just products; they were experiences. They were moments of joy, care, and rejuvenation that I wanted to share with a wider community.