I know I have been missing in action the past few weeks; I have been in a constant flux of transition which has me in deep thought, and very contemplative. As it seems I am transitioning in almost every area of my life I wanted to share what I am learning about myself.

  • Being too comfortable leads to complacency and self-doubt. I started to question every decision I made and I knew I needed to do something to challenge myself and to step out on faith. I made the very difficult decision to leave my old job of almost 14 years; I gave myself a deadline and if I hadn’t found a new job I was still leaving. GULP. That was scary and my self-doubt went into over drive! I did find another job rather quickly after I made up my mind I was leaving my old job no matter what. I am super excited to be starting a new chapter, but I knew I needed time to process the reasons I had to leave and also process why I stayed so long.  I was STUCK!  It is all very complex to say the least.


  • In this new season I am learning that fear isn’t a bad thing when it comes to making changes or challenging yourself to new things. I haven’t started a new job in over 16 years ( I was a stay at home mom for a few years) but I am doing it SCARED! I am learning something new about myself daily and I like it, even when I am frustrated or feeling doubtful I am also filled with anticipation to see where God will lead me next. I have told myself even if it turns out this isn’t a perfect fit that’s okay too I can begin again. I have learned that I must always have boundaries in every area of my life with my job, ministry, and family. (especially work)


  • My son turned 18 today! The time is going by so fast it takes my breath away.  We have spent 17 birthday’s with him as a family but this birthday he wanted to go out to dinner with just his friends. OUCH!  I would be lying if I said that it didn’t sting a little  (well a lot)! Transition. Aaron will be graduating from high school this year and onto Culinary school. We can see the finish line to the empty nest season  WOO HOO!  I am filled with mixed  emotion though, at times I want to savor every moment while also imagining a time with just me and Michael NO KIDS. Aaron is the youngest, hard to believe we have gone through this process twice and it hasn’t gotten any easier.


  • The last few months our parents (my mom and Michael’s dad) have had some health challenges which makes us increasingly aware that our aging parents need us more. I don’t know if you have every looked at your parents and realize they are visibly getting older and may need you to remind them that they are still valuable even if they can’t do what they used to physically, that you still need them and you value their wisdom.

I am learning that Goodbye’s aren’t always bad and Hello’s can be super scary! I am embracing this new season with all it’s turns, pot holes,  and surprises as I anticipate what the Lord is showing me and leaning into the new assignment He has given me.

Goodbye and Hello…TRANSITION

Are you in a season of transition? What are you learning through the process?

I have a lot planned for the blog in the next few weeks stay tuned!

What are some topics you would like see?  What would you like to see more of? Sound off in the comment section!