Well, one thing I have learned your metabolism slows way down after 50! I have added some weight training and other forms of exercise besides running to reignite my metabolism.  My girlfriend a former personal trainer,  suggested that I work the large muscle groups 2 to 3 times per week  slowly increasing  the weight and number of reps. She also said I should go slow and that I would have to work much harder than I did when I was younger to get the weight off. In my mind, I  thought I would lose the weight in about 3 months, my new realistic goal is to hit goal by  September (my birthday month.  I have never experienced  stubborn weight loss once I got going the weight would fall off pretty quickly but the last time I lost weight was 4 years ago. My plan is to keep the weight off this time by portion control, eating whole foods and exercising daily.

Have you seen any changes to your metabolism as you’ve gotten older? What keeps you motivated when the weight isn’t budging or is moving at a snail’s pace? Who is your cheerleader? I am struggling please share your tips and tricks in the comments. Tomorrow is a new day! No excuses! Can’t Stop Won’t Stop!

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