I love trying new skin care products; unfortunately I have sensitive skin so I have to be very careful. I try one product at a time that way if I have a breakout or an adverse reaction  I know which product caused it. In my spring Fab Fit Fun box (see post) Subscription Boxes Spring Fabfitfun I was so excited to try sheet mask for the first time. I used the mask twice after each use my skin looked radiant, felt soft and moisturized with no adverse reaction. The third time I applied the mask I had no immediate reaction the next morning my face was very itchy, and swollen, eyes almost swollen shut. Last year I had a similar delayed reaction to a new face wash, I used it a few times with no reaction and the next time I had a severe allergic reaction (I was prescribed a steroid prednisone) it was painful and looked awful. The sheet mask reaction wasn’t as severe but my doctor recommended allergy testing.

The initial testing was for environmental allergens; grass, pollen, tress, dust mites; etc I do have seasonal allergies but didn’t realize to what extent; I tested positive for everything the doctor thought maybe I had false positive readings so I was retested with the same result. I  do take allergy meds everyday, my doctor increased the dosage to combat my reactions.  I will have a second round of testing for common ingredients found in cosmetic and skin care products;  so I can avoid the culprit ingredients. I absolutely loved the mask obviously before it turned my into Will Smith from the movie Hitch. NOT CUTE!

Have you ever had an allergic reaction? Do you use sheet mask?



Karura Sheet Mask

My reaction to environmental allergens


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