Buying bras is one of those things most women hate doing, especially getting measured by a complete stranger it is very awkward to say the least! I was on the hunt for a good everyday bra, that looked nice even if I wore a tee shirt an ill-fitting bra under a tee shirt looks horrible. That’s where I am long over due for a bra that fits well and just as important it must be comfortable since I have to wear it for several hours every day. I saw a few You Tubers talk about several brands that are sold at Nordstrom I checked them out on line and they looked promising, pricey but promising.

I started to see Ads on Facebook and Instagram for the brand Third Love which piqued my interest due to its “low” prices starting at $2.99. Third Love is a brand created for women like me and probably you as well looking for a better bra without having to go into a store to buy one.  I choose the option try before you buy for  $2.99 is the cost of shipping.  On their site I selected a  breast shape that is closest to mine which is “bell shape”  ( the drawings and the descriptions were so funny to me) you answer a few more questions and make your selection .

I made my selection to try the bra for 30 days, if you try it on and it doesn’t fit you send it back and they will send you the correct size (the bras that are returned are cleaned and donated to women in need).  Third Love suggests you wear it, wash it and really test it out during the 30 trial at the end of the trial you will be charged $68. I choose the 24/7 bra because it had full coverage, great reviews and the description prompted me to do the 30 day trial. I received my order on last Thursday, I have worn this bra everyday since; the bra is super comfortable I wore it on average 10 plus hours every day. I don’t know how to put this delicately but my breast looked perky with this bra on, I was lifted, there were no visible lines under my clothing and it was very comfortable. The bra has lightweight memory foam cups (not too much), a tagless padded closure and the fabric is really soft (website description); the description is very accurate I love this bra! Third Love offered great customer service and answered all of my questions. I placed my order on June 6th and received it on June 8th.

Third Love Packaging

Third Love

Third Love 24/7

I haven’t washed it yet to see how it holds up but I have high hopes for this bra, I will keep testing it out but so far I love it! Do you have issues with finding comfortable bras? What is your favorite brand? Is $68 too much for a good bra?