Doing What You Love #3

Khylah Settle (Model, Actress)

How did you get started (acting and modeling)?

I grew up taking ballet, tap and jazz and performed in school plays all the way through high school. I loved it, but somehow talked myself out of majoring in the Fine Arts in college. I was afraid. So I majored in Communications and dabbled in dance and performing on the side. At 30, I gathered the courage to submit my photos to an acting manager. I was signed not long after.

What Inspires you?

Anyone who is passionate about their craft, hobby, children etc., is an inspiration, people who tell fear where to go and how to get there truly inspire me to do the same.

How do you handle work life balance?

This is a great question, especially considering how often the target moves. As soon as I get into a flow, there is another curve ball. Honestly, I pray that God gives me the strength to get from one day to the next. We also enlist the help of family members to pinch hit. It truly takes a village. I’m just reaching a point where I truly understand the need for fun and a little pampering. I deserve it!

What are your goals for your acting and modeling career? 

I would love to get to a place where I could eliminate my 9-5. We have 3 children in school, so I need to be mindful of our family obligations and finances. I still have a career in communications, so I will consider myself a successful actress and model, once I can sustain regular work and income. I’m planting seeds, so we are gonna let God handle the timing.

My job is to be prepared for opportunities that arise. I’ve been very lucky to work for people who encourage my acting and modeling and get a kick out of seeing my commercials and print work. I can’t complain.

Are there any community connections and advice that you would like to share?

If people are interested in acting, read up on the craft, study, talk to other actors. Take some improv classes or acting classes. Don’t lose your life savings investing in expensive photos or classes all upfront. Get your feet wet first. Use money from jobs to reinvest in your craft. The acting community is a truly wonderful group of people especially here in the D.C. metro. We are each other’s biggest fans and cheer each other’s victories. Also, understand that time is valuable. When you ask someone for their advice, know that many, many people ask those same questions. Be mindful of their time. I said I was gonna start charging people lol!

What new projects are you working on?

I have an on-camera industrial project coming up. I’ve done a number of corporate training videos and informative industrials. I have a thing for teleprompter work. It’s easy and I play a pretty good “corporate executive” really well LOL! I also have a voice over project in the works. Keep em coming!

What’s next for you?

I did a short film a few months back that just won an award at a Christian Film Festival. If I had my druthers, filming the feature length version would be NEXT! Aside from that, just maintaining a functioning home with a husband, 3 children and careers is enough.



Khylah Settle

Khylah Settle

Khylah Settle

Where can we find you?

You can find me on Instagram, FaceBook and YouTube

YouTube- Khylah Settle


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