Night-Time SkinCare Routine

Let’s talk night-time skincare routine, I have made a concerted effort to take care of my skin the last few years, by using products that work for my mature, combination oily, sometimes acne prone skin. As mentioned in my last two posts you have to take care of the inside of your body first (drinking lots of water, good night sleep, exercise etc.,). Some of the products I use are a bit pricey but they work for me and I think the products are worth the investment.

Boscia MakeUp BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil $32 Sephora


I used to remove my makeup with makeup wipes  and  micellar cleansing water to remove my eye makeup; the makeup wipes would leave my skin irritated, left a film behind and the micellar water was just an extra step. I then started to use cleansing balms or oils to remove makeup. The Boscia Cleansing oil $32 works great at removing makeup, including eye makeup. I use one pump of the oil on my hands rubbing them together and apply the oil to my face in circular motions the oil literally melts and dissolves the makeup.

I then wet my Makeup Eraser $20 with warm water to remove the makeup  the cleansing oil has dissolved. I prefer this very soft towel with nothing on it to makeup wipes. You can also use this without a cleansing balm or oil and it will do a pretty good job of removing your makeup. I rinse all the makeup from it and use it the next day or hand wash it daily. My cloth has lasted for over a year and I have a few of the cheaper version backups that work just as well. I have found cheaper versions at Bed Bath and Beyond, Walmart etc. (they are harder to find)

My beloved Clarisonic Mia $169 (Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom) this tool changed the way I view skincare. I have used my Clarisonic for over eight years (mine sadly died a few months ago). I now use my husband’s a manly version, the design is more masculine and smaller looks nothing like this one but it does the same thing; we switch the brush heads ( we share a lot but that would be gross) lol. Clarisonic Cleanses the skin 6 times better than hands alone. There are several brush heads to choose from (gentle, deep pore cleansing etc,.) I wet the brush and apply my cleanser that I only use at night.

I like the Murad Cleanser $38 because it is a cream cleanser that doesn’t lather, although it is an acne cleaner it doesn’t strip my skin the Salicylic Acid helps my acne prone skin while the Hyaluronic acid helps my skin retain moisture. This product is formulated for adult acne prone skin.  The 6.75 ounces last about 6 months. I apply a dime sized amount to my wet brush head and cleanse my face. I pat dry with a clean washcloth.

I then apply only to my t-zone (forehead, chin, and nose) Peter Thomas Correction pads $40 for 60 pads. Since I don’t apply the product to my entire face I cut the pads in 1/2 so I only purchase every 4 months. The pads help to minimize pores,  and contain anti-aging ingredients. The product’s  Glycolic acid, salicylic acid (these acids are chemical exfoliators) I can do a separate post on acids if you’re interested.

Sunday Riley Luna Oil $55-$105 I have been using for a few years. I got a sample from Sephora along with the Sunday Riley Good Genes and I saw an immediate difference in my skin. The Luna Oil contains retinol which is an anti-aging ingredient that helps plump the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines while also clearing the pores. The oil has a very herbally smell (which I love) The oil gets its blue color from blue tansy (a flower). I only use 3 drops (I don’t fill the dropper) I literally use 3 drops onto my hands and I pat the oil into my skin I let it sit for a few minutes and move on to the next step. The Luna oil last almost a year before I have to repurchase.

For my serum I use Sunday Riley Good Genes $105-$155, this was the first high-end skin product that I purchased that I was truly wowed by. The next day my skin looked amazing, my skin was brighter, plumper and over time my skin tone has evened out. Good Genes contains Lactaid acid which acts as an exfoliant to remove dull skin, even out skin tone and clear pores. I prefer chemical exfoliants over physical exfoliants. The physical exfoliants with the little scrubbies (yes I made that word up) actually are often too harsh and rough for my skin. I use physical exfoliants only occasionally. I purchase the large bottle of the Good Genes in November and I have only used a quarter of the bottle. I use a half a pump nightly. It will last almost a year as well.


Clinique All About Eyes $32-$55


My final step is to add my moisturizer to my face and my eye area with my beloved Clinique products. I know for some this may seem excessive but my little routine works for me. These are my tried and true products that keep my combination oily skin balanced, my skin radiant, my acne prone skin under control and the anti-aging properties of these products has preserved my mature skin. I know how to make my products last so I only purchase during Sephora’s twice yearly sale and Ulta’s sale. I love makeup but I invest in good skincare so that my skin looks good with or without makeup.

I enjoy my skincare routine both night and day because it’s my time to do something for me.

What is your night time skincare routine?

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