Five Things I Have Learned Being a Mom


  1. Motherhood is a thankless job the things we do for our children may often go unnoticed! Be encouraged; my now 30 year old daughter has often told me “mom you were right” I think I blacked out temporarily the first time she said those words! While I am not a perfect mother I try to be very intentional in my relationships with my children. Your labor is not in vain, while being a mom isn’t glamorous, you don’t often see the fruit of your hard work for many years be patient it’s so worth it.
  2. Stay in the moment as our children grow up if we aren’t careful we will miss out on so much because we can’t wait to get past the terrible twos, potty training, adolescence and those times you just don’t like your kids (yes there are times when you won’t like your off spring). Each stage is not enjoyable and can be down right painful for you and your children but these stages are necessary to prepare them to launch from your home into the world as responsible, God honoring, self sufficient adults.
  3. Saying I’m sorry the most humbling experience  as a mom for me has been admitting I was wrong and looking my children in the eye and saying I am sorry please forgive me. It may feel like we are giving up our “power” as the authority but we are honoring our children when we admit we aren’t perfect and we don’t know everything. Having a humble spirit before our children helps them to see us as fallible, imperfect people and it also teaches them to extend the same grace that God gives us each day.
  4. Have fun there are times especially when my kids were little having fun meant making a mess and I wasn’t interested in creating more work for myself. Time spent enjoying my children eventually won out over the task of cleaning up after the fun.
  5. Remember I wasn’t born an adult; I have to remind myself that my 17 year old son doesn’t have the wisdom and life experiences to make the decisions I would make as a 50 year old. It is my job and my husband’s to help him navigate through some of the bone head decisions he’s made and the consequences that come with said choices. I have learned to ask what would you do differently? If this comes up again how will you handle it?

What are some lessons you have learned being a mom? What’s your favorite part of being a mom? What’s your least favorite?

Being a mom is often a roller coaster ride, there are times of great joy and celebration, times of frustration and anger, sadness and pain. Through it all I love being a mom (I don’t always like it). I thank God for allowing me to be the mother to Corey, Aaron and a bonus mom to Marcus. I am not a perfect mom but I serve a prefect God who has given me these precious gifts.

Happy Mother’s Day to every mom, stepmom, grandmother, relatives stepping in as mom, spiritual moms your labor is not in vain God will honor your obedience as we raise future generations.

Corey 30

Marcus 32

Aaron 17