I am about 30 days late creating my vision board for 2017. This is my first vision board (my daughter has been encouraging me for years to create one). Let me tell you, to my surprise it was a very emotional and therapeutic experience! I am a very  introspective person (almost to the extreme), not self-absorbed but I am always trying to be a better me. The process of creating my vision board fit so perfectly considering I am the list making, planner, schedule making type.

Last year was a year of much transition: I turned 50 in September, my family left our church home of over 20 years (no drama just time for change) and joined a new church, we down sized from a house to an apartment; change after major change. To say that it was a hard  year is an understatement but through it all I am so excited! I am being stretched in ways I probably never would have been open to, these changes have taught me so much.

As I was creating my vision board my mind was starting to flood with ideas and things I wanted to do or change and create a new rhythm in my life. (my pastor did a series about resolutions vs. rhythm – post soon to come) I wanted the rhythm of my life to align with the rhythm of heaven.

Here are some of the areas I want to continue doing, improve, or start doing: Exercise, Eat cleaner, and lose weight. I also want to be intentional about my friendships make time for girls night/day, encourage younger women, read more, and be more spontaneous. One of the scariest is to start this blog and YouTube channel coming soon (YIKES!). The vision board helped me feel empowered to really make changes, to be ready for those life transitions (like HOT FLASHES,  ugh!). I am ready for a new rhythm in my life!

My blog is for mature women (when you are over 40 you are really GROWN). The blog will be a place of belonging where we can share life together and talk about some of the things I am passionate about; being a wife, mom a lover of all things beauty (makeup, natural hair, skin care for aging  skin, fashion and even the dreaded stages of menopause). I hope you will join me as we embark this journey together.