Week 2 WIW I wasn’t as nervous or anxious this week I confidently got on the scale expecting to be  lighter but… I gained a pound! I am not freaked out or panicked; I know that I need to add more variety to my workout routine. I didn’t want to do what I normally do and push my self too hard and then get frustrated and quit.  My plan is to incorporate weight training and circuit work outs on the days I don’t run. I am eating pretty clean but need to be sure to eat breakfast daily.  Sleep is also so important when you are trying to lose weight and I am simply not getting enough. I have some friends who are personal trainers I am going to tap into all my resources to see what they suggest to maximize my workouts . What do you guys do when you feel the scale has betrayed you? Do you get frustrated? Discouraged? You guys have encouraged me so much through your comments and sharing your struggles so openly it has kept me going. Please keep the comments, suggestions and even questions you may have. Comment not just to me  but each other remember this is our community of encouragement! Oh! I forgot to post a before picture last Wednesday  my husband took a picture of me this morning but it was horrible. I promise to post a picture of me every week so we can see my progress. (but I have to at least look cute while I am showing you my muffin top)