Journaling My First Love


Journaling has been a life line for me starting at about age 7 or 8; my first diary was pink with a pretty gold lock.  I would be so excited to write about my day  before I went to sleep such a sweet time.  I was the kid who loved to do journal entries in elementary school; do you remember the black and white composition books?  The teacher may ask “where would you like to visit one day?” “What’s your favorite season and why?” Loved it! When my son was in elementary school he absolutely hated daily  journal assignments; I told him how much I loved it as a kid; he looked at me like I had two heads.

I found some of my old journals the other day; it was like reuniting with an old dear friend. Looking back and remembering what was happening in my life at the time; peering into my past reading about events like the birth of my children, getting married, becoming a Christian all chronicled over the years.  One entry in particular made me laugh out loud  ” I can’t  believe I am 32 years old today, I’m getting old”. When I began writing in my diary as a kid it was so innocent and sweet, but over the years it became so much more it was a safe place where I could pour out my heart and be honest by sharing my fears and confusion, writing helped me cope with all the darkness and to savor the good times. I want to share why I will always journal and how journaling has been so beneficial to me over the years.

  • Journaling helps me clarify my thoughts, when you write you have to think about what you’re writing
  • Journaling has allowed me to express what I am feeling at the time-scared, angry, worried, excited
  • Journaling allows me to brain dump
  • Journaling keeps record of answered prayers, a reminder of where God has brought me from
  • Journaling causes me to reflect and remember
  • Journaling has been a form of validation and has helped me to understand myself
  • Journaling shows me my growth and areas in which I still need to grow
  • With a journal I don’t have to sensor myself
  • I often communicate with God in my prayer journal I love seeing how God has stretched me and strengthened my faith
  • Journaling evokes mindfulness
  • Journaling has helped in my healing

I have upgraded to journaling electronically on my computer or my iPhone through an app called One Day Journal I can insert pictures, my location, I can create separate journals, I can scan my handwritten journal entries if I want. Because the journal is electronic my privacy is protected by my thumbprint on my phone or a password on my computer. My first love though is an old fashioned pen and paper; Moleskin journals are my favorite! I  recently began seeing a therapist she asked about journaling and how beneficial it is I shared with her my history of journaling. She encouraged me to add God’s word in my entries especially the Psalms since David is such a great example of sharing his heart through his trials and his victories.

I love the Psalms, David is so expressive he pours out his heart to the Lord; you know exactly what he was feeling. God’s word is a soothing salve to a wounded soul.

Do you journal? Paper or Electronic? How long have you journaled? How does journaling benefit you?

If you would like to journal but really don’t know where to start here are a few suggestions:

What is the best thing that happened this week?

  • What are you thankful for?
  • What are you stressed about?
  • What are you excited about?
  • What do you dream of one day doing?
  • Places you would love to visit?
  • Something you want to remember?
  • How has God blessed you today?

It doesn’t have to be about your day all the time your entry could be topical make it your own.



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