Vegan and Fitness Journey

After my physical a few weeks ago Weigh In Wednesday?  My doctor made it clear that I may have to make some drastic changes in my diet to see weight loss. As you may recall my blood pressure was elevated during my physical which was pretty scary.  I am a foodie at heart I love trying new  restaurants I LOVE to cook and trying out new recipes I love all things FOOD! As I was doing research online to help me in the journey to fitness and weight loss I read several articles regarding a plant based vegan diet (no meat, or dairy). I know you may be thinking,”girl you are doing too much” I believe you can be healthy and eat meat but for me I wanted to see how my body would respond to such a drastic change. To be honest I think cutting out meat is way easier than my beloved CARBS! I am team Carbs all the way.

I haven’t had any meat or dairy in eleven days; it has been a lot easier for me because we were already eating meatless meals a few days per week anyway. What I will miss most, cheese, butter, seafood and bacon! The dishes I have made were already in my arsenal and I have added many more, I have gotten recipes from a dear friend (his blog) YouTube, Instagram, Vegan Blog http://whole and my  own creations. These days it is easier than ever to incorporate a plant based diet because there is so much information available. Michael is joining me on this journey as well. Our teenage son Aaron is not quite sure he wants to embark on this journey and that’s absolutely fine. He is an aspiring chef and when he wants meat he can make himself whatever he wants to go along with what I have prepared. I have persuaded him to give up cow’s milk for a month to see how his body responds and he agreed.  Aaron has acne, asthma, and severe seasonal allergies there are so many studies that suggest eliminating dairy from your diet can drastically change all of the those things; I will keep you posted. Here are a few of the vegan dishes that I have prepared.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie Bowl


Sweet Potato Black Bean Veggie Burger


Curry Vegetables over Brown Rice


Black Bean Tostadas


Spinach and Mushroom Hash


The flavor in these dishes are amazing, in any cooking you have to build complex flavor and I was able to do just that in each dish I prepared. This is just the beginning of my vegan journey and so far I am loving it!

My fitness journey is going well despite some set backs, I have had chronic pain in my left hip for a while now but running has exasperated it so much more. During my follow-up visit with my doctor referred me to an orthopedic and ordered an x-ray. My hip hasn’t stopped me from exercising but it has sidelined my running my body takes such a beating  I don’t think its worth it. I tried out boot camp for the first time last week and it was intense, scary and amazing at the same time! I was working out so hard during one of the boot camp sessions thatI HURLED! I had to run out of the studio and find a place to well HURL. I was there by invitation of a friend she showed me the ropes and encouraged me as did all the ladies. It was hard but I didn’t feel like I couldn’t do it I just pushed until the end. When I got home and showered my arms were so fatigued from 100 push (not all at one time), weight lifting etc; I barely had the strength to wash my body (no exaggeration ) eye arms felt like jello. I was extremely sore all over  especially my arms, it was so worth it though. Boot Camp will be a part of my fitness journey for sure!

How are you doing with your fitness goals? What do you eat in a typical day? Would you give up meat?

P.S. My blood pressure is back to normal 113 over 60 YAY!  I am not sure what happened a few weeks ago but I am back to normal WHEW!