Weigh In Wednesday #8

Last week I worked out Monday-Wednesday for less than 150 minutes and didn’t work out again until Monday of this week. I had a crazy busy week and didn’t get it done.  I also had my husband take my measurements as another way to track my progress.

Arms-12 inches

Thighs-23 3/4 inches

Hips- 39 inches

Waist-35 inches

Bust-39 inches

I still have not incorporated several smaller meals per day into my plan (I will to by the weekend). I am walking during my lunch hour (almost 3 miles), I am either working out in the morning or the evening after work. My scale is teetering between 160.6 and 161. I had an off week last week and didn’t put in enough time, NO EXCUSES!  Today is a new day! I am not DEFEATED, determined more than ever to get this weight off!

WIW #8



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